Curriculum Vitae
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Dr Valvis was born in Greece but studied at the Medical-Surgery School of Rome University, becoming a licenced doctor in 1985.

He then returned to Greece and worked in the Clinic of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Metaxa's Memorial Hospital where he took up the Specialty of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in 1995.

He started performing hair transplantations eleven years ago and has successfully performed many thousands of procedures since.

Dr Valvis speaks Greek, Italian and English fluently and has frequently attended conferences and seminars abroad presenting many papers including 'Mega session of Micro-mini Hair Transplantation for extensive baldness with a rich donor site'.

He currently has a private practice in Athens and is also Consultant Plastic Surgeon in the Clinic of Hair Transplantation of the Metropolitan Hospital in Athens.

He also coperate  with the Clinic San Donato at Milano and Clinic RiverMedical Dublin - Ireland.