Hair Style in the centuries
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" Kalos k'Agathos " , two words that embody the ideal of the ancient Greeks for the Perfect Citizen .

Handsome and Brave . No other people have not loved so much beauty and no other people have not tried so much to give to every form of human activity the idea of beauty.

In everyday life , in poetry , in art the " beauty " is almost divine status . Gods and heroes, everyday people , men and women must be beautiful or trying to become .

Even in war to ensure they are beautiful . The Spartans wash and condition their hair before the final battle in the strait of Thermopylae .

Before the Persian wars left long hair. Men knit back neck tape and rises upwards, forming the " bun " which is also secured with tape. Another way men were flanked the head with a tape , and secured the ends of the hair facing upwards , in the film .

Athletes wove strands around their heads and short hair, forming fringes and curls in the front, they covered the point that united the tentacles .

The hair neatly groomed confers masculinity, charm and confidence.

For this reason, barber or beauty centers were plentiful and lively where men cared crown discussing simultaneously for hours on that interest them, as is the case today.

After the Persian Wars, the young, mainly shown with shorter hair, but still the groom like before .

The cult of beauty however, is not lost over the years .


The bravery and beauty go hand in folk song to indicate that the Greek people still considers beauty to virtue, along with manliness , accompany human man or woman in all its activities.

Timeless is the crown, the hair is lush and manicured basic essential element. This makes man beautiful, giving it charm, masculinity in men , femininity in women , especially confident . Because many of the problems raised in modern humans, such as anxiety , insomnia , anti-social , loneliness and even depression are the operative cause of the lack of confidence that is created by the feeling that we are not , charming , handsome.

Today, however , there is no reason to suffer a man or woman , or feels uncomfortable , because non he has or she has abundant hair .

Modern plastic has the potential to provide beauty and charm in a simple and secure manner. It has the ability to give back the lost confidence.

Implanting new, healthy hair .

" Kalos k'Agathos "  is up to you to become .