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Hair transplantation is not like a visit to the salon for a haircut . It is a surgical procedure that should be done , as already mentioned, by fully qualified plastic surgeons or dermatosurgeons with years of experience and talent .

Any technique that has been applied worldwide has few bloods (fue & strip) and sutures (strip & mega fue) and scars (strip, fue & mega fue). Just for promotional reasons , have hair transplantation as simple atraumatic placement process hair , while in all the techniques that are transplanted skin with hair inside, and the underlying fat and not the hair or the pocket of themselves .

- Strip Micro Dense Packing: it is a complete sentence , in which aesthetic view and precise application , hair transplantation is close to perfection and perfectly natural result . The follicular units extracted from cuttings taken from the fixed band -growth. Remains only an elongated scar of only 1mm which differ only in a completely shaved head . The placement of follicular units is as close as nature allows. Our team is of world class and we can place up to 34 follicular units in a square centimeter hairless skin , equivalent to 70 to 120 hairs depending on the density . The new slots created splinter diameter is only 0,9 mm. In one session can be transplanted to 2000 actual follicular units corresponding to 8000-10000 hairs. At the last World Congress of ISHRS Hair Transplant in Ancorage-Alasca presented only one scientific paper on the FUE technique and the final conclusion of the conference was that the technique with the best results was the strip dense packing with densely packed in splinter slots follicular units 1mm diameter .

-FUE transplant or without scar : it is a technique in which the follicular units are extracted one by one and placed in the bald area . Disadvantages are the long (7-8 hours ) , the limited number and without underlying fatty tissue follicular units placed (only 300 ) , the totaly shaving head and the loss of about 40 % of hairs implanted due to abuse . Suitable only for restoration alopecia eyebrows and perinatal area women ( bikini ) and the creation of a new frontal hairline . More details on the grounds that it should not be used extensively FUE hair transplant can be found in the article by Dr Chang.

-Mega Fue: created by the poor results of FUE technique, is something intermediate between Strip & FUE. Small incisions are made at various levels in the donor area that create small linear scars at different levels and not a continuous longitudinal scar . This technique has recently been applied in cases of stakeholders who do not want long scar and yields approximately 800-1000 follicular units .

The only advice I can give you Dr Valvis is to get several opinions from physicians experienced in the matter of hair transplant and not by anyone . Visit mainly plastic surgeons and dermatologists and talk to them about your problem . Only they will steer you right . Alongside inquire from satisfied or dissatisfied patients who have undergone hair transplant and hair stylists from viewing up close the results .