The Art of Hair Transplantation
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Hair transplantation is a form of medical art based on experience and talent of plastic surgeon. But unlike any other artist in hair transplantation is not possible to start from the beginning, because the specialist plastic surgeon has only one chance to make it right. And unfortunately specialized in this subject are few, resulting in numerous failed hair transplants turned and turned back many years of development in this area .

Pantelis Valvis is a qualified Plastic Surgeon , who has been involved  with hair transplantation since 1995 .

He has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures .

It is able to correct  failed  hair transplant .

He knows all the new techniques applied worldwide.

He is well known for the natural results. He has unique and human  way of communicating with stakeholders to hair transplantation , proposing solutions that meet their personal needs , with the most modern and effective way in hair transplantation and cosmetic plastic surgery .

A successful hair transplant can change your life .

The VIP Hair Clinic opens the way to a natural, stable and surprising result .

The techniques used are modern and provide high quality hair transplants .

Make the first step to regain lost hair! Make an appointment with Dr Valvis now ! It will definitely be one of the best decisions that you get for yourself . We believe you will be completely satisfied .

Dr Valvis  can visit you  in Kountouriotou 127 street – Piraeus -Greece ( tel. 210 - 4226070 , mob . 6977308066 ) every  evening from 7 to 10 pm and to Metropolitan Hospital every Monday and Wednesday evening 6-8 pm , by appointment ( tel. 210-4809000 ) .

The hair transplantations  is made ​​daily in Hair Transplant Clinic of  Metropolitan Hospital - Neo Faliro .

The first visit with Dr Valvis is free .


Head of Hair Transplantation Clinic of Metropolitan Hospital

Founder of VIP Hair Clinic

Founding Member of the Greek Society of Hair Transplantation

Member of ISHRS (International Society of hair Restoration Surgery).


- San Donato Hospital in Milan

- Athens Beverly-Hills Medical Group

- Associate in Maternity Hospital REA

- Hygeia Hospital of Tirana - Albania


- Patient Safety

- Guaranteed Results

- Excellent aesthetic result

- Physical appearance

- Use of new technics

- Absolute privacy

Why choose VIP Hair Clinic?

As genes to every person is unique , so is the loss of your hair . Therefore, we only need to design a personalized plan of hair transplant.


Am I a good candidate for hair transplantation ?

In this question you can answer only Dr Valvis. Each case is depending by:

- The degree of thinning hair

- The density of donor area ,

- The shape of the face ,

- The color and hair type

- The age.

All these factors vary in each case , are combined to achieve the best possible result , of course depending of the density and elasticity of donor area , the extent of coverage and the realistic expectations of the patient .

The Team of Dr Valvis is of high quality and consists of dermatosurgeon , anesthesiologists and specially trained nursing staff in separation and placement of follicular units with the latest electronical microscopes of stereoscopic analysis.

Last global innovation of our clinic is the most advanced system of painless injection of local anesthesia U225 and the use of newer local anesthetics that completely neutralize the intraoperative and postoperative pain.

One of the major reasons to choose us is our partner in separation and placement of the follicular units, which is considered among the best in the world (20 years experience).